Why I Created Penpaland ?

First of all  i am webdesigner and i like web design but the real reason was my passion for learning new languages and cultures so i started to make make my first social network project using Elgg open source software. My objective was the make a website like interpals ,later i have heard about penpalworld i didnt choose domain name "penpaland" inspiring penpalworld because i knew about penpalworld 2 months later to launched my website.

Penpaland basically a free social network and still in development mode i know there is a a lot of duty to do to achieve quality of interpals so i apologize for any bug and defect on website.I launched it in april 2015 and now almost 2016 we are getting better each day so we will complete our commitment to getting our place between interpals  and penpalworld.

Donn´t hestiate to join our network ;

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I wish to everyone good health, happiness, and success in the coming year and always.

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