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Currently is the best Pen pal webiste with more than 3 million users and very fast.The interface of Interpals is not corresponding quality of the website and there is no proper app , its really not understandable for a website in the first 6,815(Alexa Ranking) websites.

Interpals has own forum you can get more information and ask questions to others.

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  One of the best penpal websites there is more than 1 million users interface of Penpalworld is good but very childish i have no experience of use but its seems to be fast and good quality website.

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HiPenpal growed up very fast comparing to interpals and penpalworld founded much later and  has really good interface and is the best for asian pen pal friend.

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Penpaland is really new website , as i am a owner for now couldnt put my website between the "Best" pen pal websites but i can introduce my website.Penpaland founded in 2015 april so there is no comparison with the other websites above.My website is better for latin pen pal i am living in Brazil and i know better south america so majority of penpaland users are latin we also has members rom Turkey(my home country) ,philipinnes,russia  and ukraine.We still trying to explore more countries and aim to be one of the best pen pal website on earth.

Penpaland has blog feature you can read or write your articles and there is PenpalandAsk where you can make questions and wait for best answers.
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Why I Created Penpaland ?

First of all  i am webdesigner and i like web design but the real reason was my passion for learning new languages and cultures so i started to make make my first social network project using Elgg open source software. My objective was the make a website like interpals ,later i have heard about penpalworld i didnt choose domain name "penpaland" inspiring penpalworld because i knew about penpalworld 2 months later to launched my website.

Penpaland basically a free social network and still in development mode i know there is a a lot of duty to do to achieve quality of interpals so i apologize for any bug and defect on website.I launched it in april 2015 and now almost 2016 we are getting better each day so we will complete our commitment to getting our place between interpals  and penpalworld.

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I wish to everyone good health, happiness, and success in the coming year and always.